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Soak up some sun and rent an incredible boat from VS Marine for your next vacation! We provide a great boat rental service for anyone looking to enjoy the famous California weather. Whether you're a longtime resident or just visiting, renting a boat is a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family! Our rental boats can provide just about anything you need to have a wonderful time. Don't miss out! Call us today (805) 466-9058 for more information.

VS Marine Rental Fleet

2011 Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX

This Malibu boat is truly great for thrill seekers as it specializes in watersports like wakeboarding! One of the best parts about this boat is that it can comfortably fit up to 14 people.

Axis A24

2014 Axis A24

The Axis Wake Research A24 is another incredible boat available to rent from VS Marine! This boat also has amazing wake performance and can seat up to 17 friends and family members so you can easily bring everyone along!

Rental Policy & Pricing

All rentals include personal flotation devices (PFD) to accommodate every passenger up to the rated capacity of the Boat, a fire extinguisher and free map of the lake. We will send you out with a full tank of fuel. You are responsible for topping-off the tank at the conclusion of your rental. Naturally, you are responsible for any damage sustained to the Boat for ANY REASON during the rental period and for the loss of any accessory equipment. Dogs are welcome on our boats, however, a charge of $50.00 per dog is due at inception of rental. Excessively dirty Boats shall be charged a $200.00 cleaning fee. We do not allow beaching of any Boats. No barbecuing is permitted on any Boat. In an effort to get you out on time, we ask that you show up 15 minutes before the start of your rental to complete the paperwork and receive safety and operating instructions for your Boat.

*These premium boats require a separate Damage Deposit that will be collected at the time of your rental. It is fully refundable upon the unblemished return of the boat.

+ Renting for a week constitutes 6 nights and 7 days. The rental must be returned by 4:00 pm on the 7th day.

+ Friday – Sunday rentals start @ 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. (Hours could vary)

+ Monday – Thursday rentals start @ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. (Hours could vary)

+ When paying the daily rate, your rental will be held all day, no matter what time you arrive. You WILL NOT lose your rental if you do not arrive at the scheduled beginning rental time.

+ All primary operators must have a California Boating Safety License.

+ Some vessels are pet friendly. If the vessel you choose is pet friendly there is a 50.00 non-refundable fee per pet.

+ CANCELLATION POLICY: Please cancel within 72 hours prior to your rental. If this requirement is not met, the following with occur:

+ For weekend rentals: You will be charged the ENTIRE rental amount.

+ For weekday rentals: You will be charged HALF of your rental amount.

+ For May 25th – May 28th, June 29th – July 8th, Aug 31st – Sept 3rd rentals: You will be charged the ENTIRE rental amount.

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